Why bother with Adventism?

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This is a comment I got by e-mail from an ex-SDA who has come home to Catholicism.  I sometimes get asked this, so maybe my reply here is worth posting.

I’m really grieved about all the church-bashing and mud-raking among Christians, Protestant and Catholic alike.  I mean, we are all part of the Body of Christ, irrespective of whichever branch of it we belong to.  Can’t we just try to put aside our differences and work together to bring the Gospel and introduce a Risen Savior to a dying world who is out there laughing us to scorn because we can’t get along???  What kind of representation of our precious Lord is this to unbelievers?

For the most part, your approach is a good one.  And most Christian denominations can and do get along well, and work together to spread the Gospel.  However, many groups, and Adventism is one of the prominent ones, make it part of their version of the Gospel to preach against other Christians.  Teaching that Sunday-keeping comes from Satan, and that Sunday-keepers have (or will) accepted the mark of the beast, which is/will be Sunday observance, creates a serious rift.  Publicly preaching about how the Pope is the beast, and putting up signs along the road to that effect, is in the same category.  If the truth gets attacked, and those preaching and preserving it get attacked, the rest of us need to defend it.  That can happen in different ways – and a website showing why Adventism is wrong about its claims about Catholicism is one way of doing that.  If we don’t, we lose people to the traps set by those outside, and unbelievers get to laugh anyway.

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