How to say Adventism, and their new Fundamental Belief

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On 7 July, Kermit Netteburg commented on the General Conference blog [no longer available online] on the adoption of the new Fundamental Belief of the SDA church at their General Conference (in some ways, much like the Ecumenical Councils of the Catholics and Orthodox, such as the Council of Nicaea or Vatican II.  Perhaps more like a synod of bishops called to Rome – not just a local synod.)

All 28 of the Fundamental Beliefs can be found here.

Also of interest was the way the word “Adventist” is pronounced.  “AD-ven-tist” or “ad-VENT-ist” – I think the latter is more natural; most ADventists I know use the former; Merriam-Webster says “AD-ven-tism” but “ad-VENT-ist” and has both pronounced with the emPHAsis on the first sylLAble – “AD-ven-tist” and “AD-ven-tism

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