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Jesus entered the most holy place in 1844?

Ellen White

When Jesus failed to return in person in October 1844 (aka the Great Disappointment), after several failed calculation attempts by proto-Adventists, some of William Miller’s followers decided that 1844 just had another meaning. What really happened, they claimed, is that Jesus entered the Holy of Holies in order to finish the atonement for our sins.

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André Reis and Daniel 8

Map of the breakup of the Greek empire

André Reis, an old “friend” of this blog, has two very interesting posts on Daniel 8 over at Adventist Today and Spectrum. It seems he is disagreeing with the classic Adventist interpretation of Daniel 8, which links the two horns of Daniel 7 and 8 as the same entity, papal Rome. His position on Daniel 8 is much like mine, and much like that of ex-Adventist Dale Ratzlaff over at Life Assurance Ministries. His view disagrees with mine in that I, like Adventists, see the little horns of Daniel 7 and 8 as the same entity, but unlike Adventists, I link them both to Antiochus Epiphanes.

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The Prophecies of Daniel – Daniel 8

Daniel Chapter 8 Prophecy Chart

Here we continue looking at the prophecies of Daniel. The prophecy is this: A ram, with two horns – one horn appearing first, and the next horn to appear was higher than the first. The ram pushed west, north, and south.

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Debate with André Reis

Angry ant

These comments were originally posted in the comments section of Dr Francis Beckwith comes home. They have been moved here. This is an example of a futile debate with an Adventist who only wishes to preach at Catholics. This is one of the reasons Adventists have little credibility with other Christians.

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Dr Francis Beckwith comes home

The Sacrificial Lamb - Josefa de Ayala, ca 1670

Dr Francis Beckwith, current president of the Evangelical Theological Society, has converted back to Catholicism.

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