Adventist dishonesty in the way they present the Catholic faith

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Recently (the week or so prior to Easter 2004) someone on alt.religion.christian.adventist and alt.religion.christian.roman-catholic posted several messages about Adventism, claiming it was a cult, and listing some of its doctrines.

Here are some excerpts, with spelling and grammar errors intact:

The first and last thing on their mind is not bringing the gospel to those who don’t know it but bringing their Saturday Sabbath instead. In their missionary work, they are parasites that feed on ex-Catholic, ex-Orthodox, ex-Coptic, ex-Assyrians and ex-other denominations who did not know their faith to begin with.

Adventists don’t really believe in the Trinity but that Christ was a mini-god or something like that.

Among one of their many weird observances is vegetarianism, as if that relates to God while Jesus himself was not a vegetarian. Further, the very few exceptions where some of them who permit themselves to eat meat, it has to be Kosher. Their non-vegetarians cannot eat pork, shell-fish, or any of non-Kosher foods.

Reading non-religious books on Saturday or listening to non-religious music on Saturday are forbidden. Jewish Sabbath observances are enforced on Adventists with the exception of turning lights on or very minor differences.

The body is evil, in Adventist eyes. It must not be exposed in any way. Long sleeves, long dresses for women and no makeup or jewelry of any kind may be worn.

They believe that Christ did not complete his plan of salvation until 1833 or in other words, he did not sit at the right hand of the Father.

Satan SDA cult waited for the coming of Christ in 1833 and went to the mountains to be with him but, of course, he did not come.

The statanic Seventh-day Adventists believe that their possessed “prophetess” Ellen Devil White’s writing are equal to the Bible.

The statanic cult of Seventh-day Adventists believe that the teachings that come from their cult’s General Conferences are infallible.

The satanic cult of Seventh-day Adventists believe that all Protestant and Orthodox denominations are following or will follow the Catholic Church to Hell.

The satanic cult of Seventh-day Adventists believe that Michael the Archangel is Jesus. It is no surprise since they consider Jesus not really equal to the Father and considering him an angel is not big deal

Satan’s SDA Cult are obssessed with Saturday. They actually worship the day more than they worship God. Maybe they consider their God is Saturn or the Saturday of the Week.

The SDA cult performs satanic rites in the forest. During specific time of the year, they move their paraphernalia to a secluded forest and perform Sabbath cultic ceremonies.

SDA Satanic cult followers believe that the Lord’s Prayer may not be used or said in prayer. Even though they use it to build their boring sermons chewing and spitting moronic meaningless drivel.

SDA Satanic cult followers teach that it is perfectly OK to talk about Ellen Devil White but no one must mention the Blessed Virgin.

SDA Satanic Cult’s “prophetess” Ellen Devil White, teaches that no one should wear tight clothes. Tight clothes, in her evil yet moronic mind showed a beautiful body which is a sin. She taught that the body is sin and should be hidden.

SDA cult teaches that makeup and jewelry are diabolical and should not be worn.

SDA cult teaches that hot chili or jalapanos are evil or bring out the evil in humans. All hot and spicy food are forbidden by Ellen Devil White, the “prophetess” of the cult.

It became clear why this person was angry when he wrote:

You are doing the same like Muslim leaders because you do not lift a finger to condemn those who are constantly attacking my faith …

Many of the statements above contain some truth about the teachings of Ellen White and those who continue to follow her. But many are false, and merely attacks without any foundation.

Several Adventists responded with shock, aghast at the way someone could misrepresent their faith in this way.

I don’t know what this poster’s motives where – if he was seriously claiming that Adventism was like this, or whether it was a parody on the way Adventists write about others.

But it was interesting to see how Adventists responded. This is how very many of their pastors, missionaries, and authors speak and write about Catholicism, and, to a lesser extent, other Christian denominations.

Here are some comments made by Adventists, some taken from books, some from Ellen White’s writings, some from online postings and e-mails. Compare them to the statements above regarding Adventism – you’ll see why this may very well be a case of parody, mocking Adventism for the way it treats others.

The pope and the Catholic church seem to live in their own fantasy world. They don’t need scripture. They can just make up new commandments as they go along! Apostolic succession and all that.


The create graven images of their saints, Mary and that horrific crucifix of Christ’s dead bleeding corpse on the cross and bow down to them in genuflection, light candles for prayers at their feet. And worse than all of that, because the RCC is GUILTY of this sin, they have removed this commandment and separated the tenth into two to keep the number 10, as if they had the AUTHORITY to CHANGE GOD’S COMMANDMENTS, which is also blasphemy.

It was the RCC that changed the seventh day Sabbath into the Sunday day of worship, because Constantine wanted to appease the pagans who worshipped the sun and he hated the Jews.

They love mammon, and money, for all of their churches are adorned with gold and majestic trinkets etc

I was raised a Roman Catholic. I left the church when I was in my early twenties when I started to read the scriptures for myself. I do not accept the idea that the Pope is perfect.

It became one of the leading doctrines of the church that its visible head is invested with supreme authority over bishops and pastors in all parts of the world. More than this, he took the very name of God! He was addressed as “Lord God the Pope” and declared to be “infallible. He demands the worship of all men.

On the Pope’s official mitre is the title “Vicarius Filii Dei” which means “Vicar of the Son of God.”

Rules the world for 1260 years (from 538 A.D. – 1798 A.D.) – see <link> for evidence that this is a remarkable deception that history does not support.

may i ask what denomination you are you stinking catholic

Always licking the shoes of the priest of rome. When are you going to
change? You remind me of dogs. Why don’t you look at your Saviour instead of
looking to lick men’s shoes? I pity you.

Having been born a Catholic I rejected that heresy when I was young. I
consider Catholics as nothing but pagans. To me your religion is nothing but
an abomination. Good Bye Pagan.

Hope you get over your frustrations and loneliness and personal problems –
Dr Frank Steyn, SDA Pastor, 20 July 2001

You are 100% wrong learn your days of the week first Jackass

The pope is the anti- christ. The priests That [deleted] little boys up the
ass. And Do it for years and get away with it because of people like
you@!!@! I hope you do burn in hell like the rest of them. You belong With
all the fagggs and false teachers. I hope you burn in

you damn liar …. may He have mercy on you

For more (sometimes worse,) see here.

Do you see the similarity? Many within Adventism’s missionary field resort to downright lies, misrepresentation, and hate-speech when it comes to their dealing with Catholicism. It seems like the truth is not sufficient to promote their own religion. Sadly, it continues.

The newsgroup poster’s comments received many replies, often bitter about how their church was being treated, but also often unwilling to acknowledge that Adventism was simply getting a taste of its own medicine.

Here are some of the more insightful comments:

[The poster’s] main message lately has been focused on attacking other faiths outside his own. And I don’t mind you doing so ***IF*** you decide to STOP falsifying the teachings of the faiths you attack. [He] IS CONDEMNING FAITHS FOR BELIEFS THEY DON’T EVEN TEACH.

Your statement is beyond ignorance.

I do not know where you get the idea that the SDA teaches this. I am SDA and have never heard this. In fact, the opposite is true. Every teacher that I have heard including notables like Doug Batchelor, Mark Finley, Steve Wolhberg, and Horensten all say the same thing. The Gospel is clear – By the Love God has for us we are saved by grace through faith. We are not saved by any denomination – not SDA, not Chatholic, not Baptist or any other. We are not saved just by grace nor are not saved by works. We are saved by our faith in our Lord Christ Jesus. For He is the light and the resurection. Unfortunately, like all denominations, there are those who do not understand the true nature of salvation. To generalize that SDA is demonic is just as bad as anyone who would say all Chatholics or anyone else is demonic.

Here is an admission that many in Adventism do fit the poster’s definition of kooks. I hope that one day this particular case will also let them realise that their manner of dealing with other Christians is just the same as the manner of this poster to whom they so loudly object.

As for exposing the kooks. Sadly there are those in our faith that make the statement more true than false. But keep in mind, Paul was responsible for the death of many true believers before Christ called upon him to be His servant.

Finally, I’ll close with words from the newsgroup written for the irate poster, but can equally well be said by me of Adventism’s relationship with other Christians:

If you wish to correct a group about a belief or practice, I’m glad for your efforts to do so. However, if you wish to LIE about a group’s practices or beliefs in order to increase the power of your hate message, I wish you’d stop posting until you prioritize truth over hate.

Once you do this, you will have my respect.

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