Technovirology in action

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A virus

A virus

I’ve been going through old posts on my old blogs and moving them across to this blog.  At last I’ve finished!!

The Rural Virologist blog will be left in place for a while – I’m not sure if and how that stuff fits in here.

Going through that blog, I rediscovered a post called “Technovirology in action” that showed how one can remove a virus (computer virus) from an infected file.  The virus was W32.Rungbu, as named by Norton.  Back then (May 2007) my Norton Antivirus was unable to remove the virus from the files (I don’t know if it can fix them today, or if it just deletes them).  So I did something very dangerous, which you should not try at home – I turned the antivirus off, and removed the virus manually.  A very entertaining process!

For the details, see the postDo not do this at home.

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