Extreme rudeness made acceptable

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If you and your boss were talking, and I marched into the room and, in the middle of a sentence, I told you both to keep quiet because I wanted to talk, would that sort of interruption be rude?

Most people would say it was.

What if I didn’t march into the room, but held a megaphone outside the room you were in, and summoned you that way?

What if I had issued you with a device that shouted that you must keep quiet, stop what you’re doing, and come and talk to me?  Would that be any different?

And what if you have a device that does the same, except it just plays a nice song?  Is that any different?

It’s called a cell phone.

If you’re busy talking and I want to speak to you without waiting, I go somewhere else and phone you.

Is it rude to phone someone?

Why do people rush to get off the toilet to come and talk if the phone is ringing, but they tell you to wait if you stand outside the door and yell persistently for them to come out?

I choose not to submit to the electronic leash.  I will answer it if and only if it suits me.

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