Adventist youth – the challenge of truth

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Icon of Christ Crucified, chapel of San Damiano, near Assisi

Icon of Christ Crucified, chapel of San Damiano, near Assisi

Hugo has started outlining his journey into the Catholic Church on his blog.

A truly remarkable insight:

Today, the internet has made the Catholic Church’s own teachings readily accessible (e.g., the Vatican website). I will not be the last Adventist young person to realize that much of what Adventists teach about Catholicism in their families, churches, or schools is rooted in ignorance (sometimes willful). Where will this realization lead Adventist youth except to a distrust of their church’s claims, and an ultimate realization that its prophetic identities are rooted in similar ignorance?

As Christ said that the truth will set us free, and it has often been said that when people discover what the Catholic faith is really about, instead of hearing what their tradition wants them to believe about it, they will come to love it for what it is instead of hating and fearing what it isn’t.

As ignorance fades, the truth will be rediscovered.

Comments imported from the old blog:
Posted by ann on January 8, 2009, 9:44 pm
I think you need to study the bible and obey God before u obey man.

God Bless

Posted by stephen on January 8, 2009, 11:10 pm
God’s teachings come to us through men such as the Apostles. He guided his chosen servants back then, and they told people what God’s word meant, and God hasn’t changed his method yet.

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