Obama and half an antichrist

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Donkey, Boston Public Library

Donkey, Boston Public Library

In a century or two, the current irrelevance of human life will be looked at with the same sadness as slavery is today. While most of the Christian world waits and prays that the outcome of the imminent US election will provide a step towards reversing the decline in human rights and dignity that has been promoted till now, Samuele Bacchiocchi is concerned about … wait for it … the Pope and Islam. He worries about how Bush helped ruin America with the former, and how Obama will help ruin America with the latter.

I experienced the most recent Endtime Issues as the most extreme narrow-mindedness I have ever seen come out of Bacchiocchi’s keyboard. I know he isn’t saying that we must forget the life issues – he’s not saying anything. But the message I get is the same – “Thou shalt not kill” is ignored, and “The Pope and Islam are your two worst nightmares” seems to be presented as the key issue in the coming election.

I don’t know whether Bacchiocchi would be willing to work with Catholics on important social issues both Adventists and Catholics feel the same about. I know some Adventist leaders have recommended avoiding working alongside Catholics even on such matters. Such statements make me think their brain is in such an anti-Catholic cramp that it just cannot move past that, and that even their morning jog is infected with some anti-Catholic OCD-type of disorder. This latest Bacchiocchi production makes me feel the same.

For now, human rights be stuffed – the important things about this election is that it might allow Obama to empower the evils of Islam just as Bush empowered the evils of Catholicism.

Grow up. Get a life. Move past your prophecies and prophetess and Sabbath that we papists and islamists all just want to tramp on and destroy, and see the real picture.

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