Leaving the SDA church

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From the Seventh-Day Adventist to Roman Catholic blog, I got the following info:

Adventist church membership grew from 10,939,182 at the beginning of 2000 to 13,936,932 at the end of 2004, according to Bert Haloviak, director of Archives and Statistics for the world SDA Church.

And for every 100 people joining, 35 left.  That’s up from the 24 leaving for every 100 joining reported in 2000.

Brandon’s comment: “I believe that more and more, people are turning away from the negative carcitures of other Christians and the focus on legal requirements rather than the gospel of Christ.

I believe he’s spot on.  Enough is being said about the legalism surrounding health and the Sabbath, and about other teachings that are contrary to the Bible.  Adventism does seem to be changing towards a less aggressive attitude to other Christian faiths, and perhaps that is fuelling the exodus.  Adventism changes slowly, members realise their error in this regard faster, and because Adventism remains vocally opposed to other faiths, there is more awareness of the problem with not enough change, and people leave.

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