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Obama and half an antichrist

Angry ant

I experienced the most recent Endtime Issues as the most extreme narrow-mindedness I have ever seen come out of Bacchiocchi’s keyboard. I know he isn’t saying that we must forget the life issues – he’s not saying anything. But the message I get is the same – “Thou shalt not kill” is ignored, and “The Pope and Islam are your two worst nightmares” seems to be presented as the key issue in the coming election.

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Gmail Paper

Aristotle, Physics

They might want to take advantage of Gmail Paper. A novel concept that will allow them to get their Gmail e-mail sent to them in printed form. The only drawback is that the pope can’t print out what he listens to on his ipod – Gmail Paper says they can’t print MP3 and WAV files.

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More anti-Catholic billboards

Eternal Gospel Church

Adventism seems to like sticking up anti-Catholic billboards. This time it was an Adventist spin-off denomination, Eternal Gospel Church. This was around the beginning of February, and commented on at Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.

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The Gregorian responds

On some issues, Bergami was wrong. On the rest, it seems that Bacchiocchi will let them go. In light of this, I apologise to Samuele Bacchiocchi for the trouble my inquiries have caused him. My questions were justified, and brought greater clarity as to the relationship between his thesis, his promotors, and the Catholic Church. But I never wished for someone to provide misleading information the way Barbara Bergami did. What her motivations were, and how well she investigated the matter, are not known. How Gregorian will deal with her will probably never be known.

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Detailed Bacchiocchi analysis on the XCG blog

On the XCG blog, Jared has compiled an extremely detailed analysis of Bacchiocchi’s two responses to the Gregorian Controversy. What interests me the most is the Imprimi Potest. There is a detailed discussion of the Imprimatur/Imprimi Potest at XCG, comment 91. How did it turn into an Imprimatur?

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If Gregorian is wrong

If Gregorian has been telling the truth about the Bacchiocchi issue, then the outcome is clear – Bacchiocchi will be put in perspective, and Gregorian retains respect. On the other hand, if Gregorian has NOT been telling the truth … what then?

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Latest update on Bacchiocchi

Bacchiocchi says his submission to Gregorian and Bishop Murray will be ready in about 10 days.

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More on Sunday and Pope Sylvester I

Michael Schiefler has been trying to squeeze more water out of a stone on his anti-Catholic website. I commented on it before. He seems to think he has the name of the Pope that changed the Sabbath to Sunday nailed down – Pope Sylvester I. Scheifler is basing his claims on second-hand information based on what are probably spurious documents.

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Second part of Bacchiocchi’s response

Bacchiocchi’s Response to False Allegations Pt 2 has been posted on-line by Bacchiocchi. One has to wade through a lot of information, such as recommendations for his book, that really do nothing to prove his side of the story. If you cut it down to the necessary facts, does he really provide solid evidence? He provides a good case. But a lot of it remains unverified. His explanation of the process of publishing his thesis is convincing. Does anyone out there have a copy of the original abridged version?

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Is Saturday the True Sabbath?

Donkey, Boston Public Library

Obviously, then, the challenge to the Catholic comes on several fronts; first, we must examine the argument that the seventh-day Sabbath was truly “given as a sign forever, and a perpetual covenant”; next, we must show from Scripture that the apostles did, in fact, worship on Sunday; finally, we have to answer the accusation that it was a pope (or council) who imposed the change, and that this was not done until (at the earliest) the mid-to-late 4th century.

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Bacchiocchi’s response to the Gregorian debate

Today Bacchiocchi published the first part of his response to their allegations in his Endtime Issues newsletter number 159, which can be found on his website. In the next, I hope to see his explanation of a) the imprimatur, b) the continued use of the imprimatur on an edition for which it was not obtained, c) the use of the name of Gregorian University Press on newer editions in a way that looks official, and d) evidence of the initial publication by them.

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Bacchiocchi – images of his diploma and medal

Samuele Bacchiocchi has said that he will be posting scanned images of his certificates on his website as part of a statement against the allegations made by Gregorian University regarding his credentials and claims about his PhD and his dissertation. We all hope to see that statement soon, but while we wait, here are a few scanned images he sent me a while back.

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Which chapter did Sam publish?

Which chapter of his full dissertation did Samuele Bacchiocchi publish for the purposes of obtaining his PhD? I.e. the Tesina, published in 1975. He claims that one chapter was published. He claims that three chapters were published. He claims that the published chapter was chapter 5. He claims that the published chapter was chapter 7. He claims that the published chapter was in fact three chapters – the first three chapters. He claims that the Tesina was 117 pages long. He claims that the Tesina was 150 pages long, and was required to be at least 120 pages. Is he getting derailed? Is he now making mistakes?

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Bacchiocchi’s current crisis

Two other blogs have taken up the topic of Samuele Bacchiocchi’s credentials and the allegations that they are not what he says they are. Gregorian University apparently denies that he got his PhD summa cum laude, that he received any medals, that his book was given an imprimatur, and that they printed it.

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Allegations regarding Bacchiocchi’s dissertation

It looks like the controversy surrounding Adventist scholar Samuele Bacchiocchi’s claims regarding his credentials and his thesis have once again sparked discussion. So, finally, after more than 2 years, Bacchiocchi is going to make a formal statement. It will certainly be interesting. Will he be able to provide verification for any claims he makes in his statement, any images he produces? Will the authenticity of any documentation he produces remain in question, or be resolved? Will Gregorian respond, or will they relegate him to the long list of thorns in their side that they simply ignore … which, amusingly, includes a dozen or so people claiming to be the real pope.

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Simon the stone, Peter the rock

Icon of St. Peter (15th century, Russian State Museum, Saint Petersburg).

“The modern widespread majority Protestant view on the Matthew verse agrees with the Roman Catholic view, and disagreements about primacy stem from doctrinal sources, and disagreements such as disagreements over the identification of Simon Peter with the Pope.”

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Protestants, Da Vinci Code, and Christmas

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) - The Last Supper (1495-1498)

A post on the Fifth Column blog, Pagan Flesh, Protestant Bones, caught my attention the other day. It suggests that Protestant anti-Catholic tendencies are what have resulted in the current attempt by secularists in America to wipe Christmas from the calendar. They were the first to attack Christmas; the anti-Christians are just finishing what they started. He has another article on that particular topic here – How the Christians Stole Christmas.

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Bacchiocchi’s thesis – the Gregorian Controversy

Samuele Bacchiocchi’s book “From Sabbath to Sunday” attempts to discredit the claims of Protestants and Catholics that Sunday observance is an Apostolic institution, and promotes the idea that it was a later Catholic development. In his latest newsletter, Bacchiocchi mentions that his alma mater, the Gregorian University, has negated several of his claims about his credentials.

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Pope Sylvester I – who changed the Sabbath?

Michael Scheifler has a “rebuttal” on his website to something I wrote. He claims that the pope who changed the Sabbath to Sunday was Pope Sylvester I. In light of the teachings of Ellen White, and in light of history – as taught by real historians – this cannot be seen as more than a failed attempt to make the argument seem viable. But it is not viable.

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Testimony of an ex-Adventist #5

I’m proud to be a Catholic. Hallelujah!

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