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Novena for Adventists – Day 8 – The Mass

Today we pray for Adventism, which condemns the Lord’s Supper as pagan and idolatrous, not able to recognise the Body of Christ in the Eucharist, not willing to recognise the biblical pattern of each action and phrase used, out of fear and suspicion. We pray that they come to see what Christians since the first century have seen, and believe what has been believed by Christians for nearly 2000 years.

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A Novena for Adventists

Novena - Introduction

In the Nine Days leading up to the 179th anniversary of the birth of Adventist prophetess Ellen White, we will say a novena – a prayer continued for nine days – for those who follow her teachings today.

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Missing Sunday Mass a sin?

The Mass

Unless there is a good reason not to, refusal to worship with fellow Christians must be seen in a negative light – it is not good for the Christian, and it is not good for the fellowship of the Church. It is in that sense that not going to church is considered to be a sin. That is the moral sense that existed when the Sabbath was in force as well, and while the timing on the 7th day is no longer of importance to Christians, the same moral requirement to worship God applies to Christians on Sundays, Easter, Christmas, and any day when the faithful gather together as a group to celebrate some aspect of Christ’s life and work. For those who still keep the 7th day, God will judge their hearts, not their calendar, and so the same moral principle would apply to them regarding the Sabbath.

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Adventist Review: The Papacy in Transition

William Johnsson here confuses the priesthood of Christ with the pastoral role of the clergy, who act as Christ’s representatives. That is a completely biblical concept. The human clergy do not replace Christ in any way – and both types of priesthood are identified in the New Testament, as well as a third – the universal priesthood of the individual believer.

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Testimony of an Adventist

I look forward as always to Easter. I look forward to attending the local Catholic church for the Stations of the Cross Mass. No other church puts that weekend in perspective like the Catholic Church.

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