Adventist and Catholic News & Views 021 – 26 Dec 2020

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News and commentary on Adventism:

Dutch frikandellen
Dutch frikandellen

Jews, Muslims Decry Court Decision Backing Belgian ban on Kosher, Halal SlaughterNational Catholic Register
I’m putting this under Adventism because a) Adventism is half way between Judaism and Islam, b) Adventists have similar dietary laws (but not specific ritual slaughter rules), and c) Adventists are interested in religious freedom. Basically, the restriction permits ritual slaughter but only after the animal has been stunned (with gas, an electric shock, or a non-lethal bolt shot into the head). Catholics have sided with the Muslims and Jews on this. It’s worth noting that Poland, knowing more about religious tolerance than many, rejected the restriction in 2014. Most countries do not have such a restriction applicable to ritual slaughter, either because no such restriction exists or ritual slaughter is exempt.

Your Thoughts On The New Mobile Gaming App of The SDA Church?u/BemOrchestrator, Reddit
So, Adventism has a new gaming app. Characters from the Bible, trivia questions … The Catholic Church has prayer apps, Pope apps … not sure about Catholic games though. Good idea maybe. See also.

Horned beast
Elasmotherium – a horned beast

Over 13,000 elements from a single bonebed help elucidate disarticulation and transport of an Edmontosaurus thanatocoenosisPLOS One
aka Snyder K, McLain M, Wood J, Chadwick A. Over 13,000 elements from a single bonebed help elucidate disarticulation and transport of an Edmontosaurus thanatocoenosis. Liu J, ed. PLoS ONE. 2020;15(5):e0233182.
Certainly interesting. The article hints at the dinosaurs dying in a flood. You have to dig a bit into the authors’ history, but they appear to be young earth creationists, as Adventists typically are.

Southwestern Adventist University Professors Publish Cutting-Edge Research Paper in Peer-Reviewed JournalAdventist News Network
ANN reporting on the previously cited PLOS One article.


News and commentary on Catholicism:

St Stephen and the “Holy Vaccine”Southern Cross / Catholic News Service
Very good idea. I can just imagine, though, the cries of “Heresy!!” that will issue forth from the protesting Catholic ranks.

Abby Johnson’s Downfall and the Heresy of AmericanismMary Pezzulo
Correctly pointed out: Abby Johnson has gone the “My body, my choice” route. Well done, Abby. Now pipe down. You’re out of control. See more below.

Abby Johnson Publicly Rejects Catholic Moral TeachingMary Pezzulo
I know she has a very public profile, and is misleading a lot of people and causing a lot of damage, both medical and spiritual … but think of where she came from. She was a Planned Parenthood clinic director, and when she saw an abortion done, her entire existence crumbled. Her job, her life, everything she’d done for however many years was an abomination to her. She has simply gone on the rebound to the other extreme. Someone who realised in horror that they were a cannibal wouldn’t be able to chew their fingernails. Abby can’t go near abortion, no matter how distant or proximate or non-cooperative it would be. Her trauma was massive. Forgive her … it’s no more a choice than a fear of spiders is.
Or …. am I wrong? Is she simply a megalomaniac who demands attention and commands her worshippers?

Abby Johnson tweet 22 Dec 2020
Abby Johnson tweet, 22 Dec 2020

A Dangerous BishopWhere Peter Is
Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, USA. See the previous News & Views post as well. He is downright dangerous. He needs to be reined in. Conspiracy theorists are bad enough, but when they’re prominent clergy they just make the rest of us look like fools. Bishop Strickland, you are making a fool of yourself, and dragging us down into the dirt with you.

Czech Cardinal: Coronavirus Crisis is Drawing People to the Catholic ChurchNational Catholic Register
Previously I noted that Adventists in Mexico had attracted people to their churches and asked if Catholics had done the same. It seems so. A troublemaker, in good ways and bad, Cardinal Dominik Duka of Prague got it right. Good for him. Let there be more like him, and more people coming back to the Church.

Pope Francis with Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle in 2015
Pope Francis with Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle in 2015

Pope Francis taps Filipino Cardinal to Vatican’s evangelization powerhouseReligion News Service
A year old, but interesting. The Church is moving in a direction many don’t like. Unfortunately, it takes a century or two to iron that sort of thing out. So 2220 AD is a time to look forward to. No more COVID-19 either.

Antiabortion groups say they stand behind Trump’s use of a drug tested on cells derived from an aborted fetus because the president ‘was not involved with that abortion’Business Insider
So … vaccines with a history of HEK-293 cells in their development are bad, but drugs Trump takes with the same history are okay.

COVID-19 and vaccines and Catholics:
Archbishop Wenski: Why I got the Covid-19 vaccine – America
12 Things Less Remote Cooperation in Evil Than COVID Vaccines – Fr Matthew Schneider
Errors in Fr. Dave Nix’s COVID Vaccine Video – Fr Matthew Schneider
On the COVID19 Vaccines and Cooperation with Evil – The Vagrant Catholic Blog


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