Adventist and Catholic News & Views 019 – 12 Dec 2020

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News and commentary on Adventism:

In Mexico, Nearly 6,000 Join the Adventist Church After Digital Evangelism EffortsAdventist Review
I may be moving in the wrong circles, but I see Catholics bitching and moaning about this. And Adventists are using it well to their advantage. I wonder how many of these were Catholics? They like converting Catholics. And I haven’t seen much in the line of attracting Catholics to engaging online activities.

U.S. executes Brandon Bernard, over objections from several jurors in his trialDaily Maverick
Brandon Bernard was a Seventh-day Adventist. He was put to death on 10 December 2020, as part of Donald Trump’s farewell legacy. May his soul rest in peace.

Death penalty and Fratelli Tutti
Death penalty and Fratelli Tutti

Adventists Welcome Renewed US Focus on ‘Global Tragedy’ of Blasphemy and Apostasy LawsAdventist News Network
Because of their obsession with being able to keep the sabbath on Saturday, and their fear of being made to go near a church on a certain day of the week other than that, Adventists are one of the groups most prominent in promoting religious freedom.


News and commentary on Catholicism:

What Are We to Do About This? (Hint: Not What They’re Doing on the Internet)If I Might Interject
A Catholic blogger’s look at the Catholic solution to Biden, communion, and Cardinal Gregory’s decision not to deny Biden communion.
This is how I see it. Canon 915 probably applies here. Whatever Cardinal Gregory does, people will disagree and feel alienated. If he doesn’t deny communion: the Church will be in a better position to have dialogue and change things for the better, the right and conservative branches will disagree, and their alienation will leave at least the conservatives fighting within the Church for change. If he does deny communion, he alienates those in secular leadership positions best able to make changes if they are engaged in dialogue, and the left end of the spectrum will disagree, and their alienation will have them drift away from the Church. If I am correct, as someone who is not a US citizen/resident and has no training in political studies, then I think the former option has the best outcome. I don’t know what the effect of scandal will be here.

Cardinal Becciu in 2013
Cardinal Becciu in 2013

Have You Heard the Latest About Cardinal Burke?Simcha Fisher, National Catholic Register
Old, but apt.

Disgraced Cardinal Becciu seeks redemption by putting up a fightReligion News Service
Bizarre claims. Becciu was supposedly important enough to have maybe been elected pope in the next conclave, so his ousting is very unfair, and now he’s peeved. His exclusion from the conclave may invalidate the next papal election. Petulant sanctimonious twit.

SSPX maskless ordinationsSSPX
Photos. No masks. COVID terrorists, just unnoticed. Photo album here [deleted]. They really don’t care who they kill.


Pre-illness and post-illness from someone who didn’t care

Whew, this lesson came swift.Naima Cochrane, Twitter … and Newsweek
Be careful what you do in the COVID era. Be careful judging others and their alleged fear. It will come back to bite you. And then we all knew that you just didn’t care about anyone else, and we must all feel pity for you when you suffer what you were willing to inflict on others. Allison Willows had to make a new Twitter profile simply because her shitty attitude backfired on her.
She hasn’t tweeted since 5 December. Let’s pray she’s okay. Her husband too.

Pre-COVID woman complaining then 2 days later got COVID
Pre-COVID woman complaining then 2 days later got COVID


Right wing Catholicism and bigotry

Fr Zuhlsdorf has a truly ridiculous prayer here. Hardly a prayer though. More like a speech by a grandiose narcissist issued from his moist plinth. The middle bit is really just a snide judgement of those he dislikes, including Pope Francis. Just another Becciu / Vigano / McCarrick who knows better than everyone else.

He used to be a good solid conservative who has moved to the nearly-extremist right, or so I thought. Now I suspect he has stayed exactly the same, and he just has a pope he hates and a virus that he can’t control.

So I spoke the truth:

And the expected and amusing result:

@fatherz blocked me
@fatherz blocked me

I have no time for clericalism, those who promote hatred of Pope Francis, and those who express racist views regarding the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and COVID-19.


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