Adventist and Catholic News & Views 017 – 1 Nov 2020

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News and commentary on Adventism:

Coronaviruses - electron microscopy
Coronaviruses – electron microscopy

How are you all going with Covid?Reddit, r/adventism
I thought that Adventists were, on the whole, more on the responsible side. At least that’s what I’ve seen on the Adventist news sites and blogs and forums I’ve looked at. It looks like there are crackpot Adventists too, but that’s not surprising given the nature of their beliefs and their susceptibility to conspiracy theories. As a Catholic, I am utterly disgusted with the blithering idiots we have spouting their nonsense all over the place.

Putting the Sunday Law teaching in context.Reddit, r/exAdventist
An ex-Adventist’s view on the Adventist’s feared Sunday Law, with some discussion.

Do any SDAs realise they don’t need to demonize Catholicism to be decent Adventists?Reddit, r/exAdventist
A reality check for Adventists.Interesting discussion. I’ve always said that a religion that needs to demonise other faiths in order to look good is not worth much.


News and commentary on Catholicism:

Masks keep churches from being superspreaders. But they make sermons toughReligion News Service
When a sermon is a conversation, as the article claims, then masks are a hindrance to that conversation. Hopefully time will correct that. When a sermon is just another attempt to preach at people who know less than you, just record the bloody thing and get it over with.

Jack o' Lantern
Jack o’ Lantern

The church is losing touch with working-class CatholicsAmerica
Sometimes it’s the Church losing touch, and sometimes the other way around – people losing touch with what the Church means and teaches. The first example here is someone who works 60-72 hour weeks. He says: “You can’t live on 40 hours a week”. I think that is a case of the world losing touch with humanity – the evils of corrupted capitalism, which are sometimes, as in this case, identical to the evils of corrupt socialism. Others becomes tools for another person’s wealth – in effect, some form of slavery. (This is what I see the USA as having become.) What should the Church’s answer be? Pope Francis has said it. The world won’t listen. What next? Where can the Church compromise in order to assist the faithful in this condition? When only those who are in the higher earning groups can afford to go to church … what then?

Ireland’s ‘Mass Rocks’ Are Becoming Popular AgainNational Catholic Register
“Since March 2020, with the COVID-19 lockdown in Ireland, people have begun returning to the Mass Rocks to pray while the churches up and down the country were closed. While some faithful priests offered the Mass with small groups of the faithful at the Mass Rocks, other groups of laity would gather and place priestly vestments on a Mass Rock while praying the Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy together. This way, in the face of the lockdown and other obstacles, the Catholic faith and prayer is being preserved in the rural countryside of Ireland.
Wonderful! Catholicism practiced in a new era.

And finally, today is the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Society of St Pius X. Ironically, All Saints Day.

SSPX - 50 years anniversary
SSPX - Darth Vader Lefebvre
SSPX – Darth Vader Lefebvre
Lefebvre and McCarrick - moral equivalence
Lefebvre and McCarrick – moral equivalence


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