Testimony of an Adventist

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This testimony is a compilation of a series of e-mails I had with an Adventist with a different outlook on life. Published with permission.

Just want you to know that not all of us Adventists are anti-Catholic. I was raised an Adventist but was raised by Adventists who were well educated in other religions as well. I know there are anti-Catholic sentiments that some Adventists cling to but there are some of us that do not condone that type of thinking. My wife is not an Adventist. Her sister teaches at a Catholic school. Our children, although they attend an Adventist church, are taught that we are all sons and daughters of God. We do not tolerate anti-sentiments of any religion. I have alot of Catholic friends and relatives. I highly respect their feelings and beliefs. Romans 14 is something that alot of us need to study and take a little more to heart. I completely understand your defensive stand for your church.

Ellen G. White has written many many books. Do we all believe (Adventists that is) that all of these writings are inspired? No. Do we all believe that she was a prophetess? No.

I look forward as always to Easter. I look forward to attending the local Catholic church for the Stations of the Cross Mass. No other church puts that weekend in perspective like the Catholic Church.

No, I wasn’t raised a Catholic. My father and mother were both Adventists but my father had a deep respect for all things Catholic. He was a professor and during the summers we traveled extensively. I have been in every Mission in California. My father collected crucifixes and rosarys. Upon his death his crucifix collection was so large we had to donate it to the Catholic church. I retain his rosary collection. I have, although, given quite a few to people of the Catholic faith. People I knew would appreciate, cherish, and use the rosary. My fathers brother left the Adventist church to become a Catholic. The minister of the Adventist church I currently attend was raised Catholic and is not at all tolerant of any anti-Catholic sentiments. Neither am I. Our stand is that if you don’t have anything constructive or positive to say about another religion then keep it to yourself.

I know that there are those that continue to have anti-Catholic sentiments. I wonder what they will have to say when they stand accountable before God.

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