Adventist and Catholic News & Views 006 – 8 Feb 2020

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News and commentary on Adventism:

Sow with piglet
Sow with piglet

The Real Reason for Religious Food RulesAdventist Today
The food restrictions really aren’t about health, but about belonging to the group.
The article points out that the diet laws of Adventism are a later development, long after Ellen White herself rebuked a family for NOT eating pig meat. The article does defend the Clear Word Bible’s interpretation of Mark 7:19, without explicitly mentioning the CWB, but goes on to accept the standard interpretation of the text. A fascinating phrase in the article: “Righteousness by food“. The author doesn’t go quite as far as citing the ONLY passage in the Bible that explains the difference between clean and unclean meat – Leviticus 20:23-26. AToday discussion here on Facebook.

Coronaviruses - electron microscopy

Catholic/Adventist Health Network Treats First Person to Transmit Coronavirus in U.S.Adventist Today
So Catholics and Adventists CAN get along. 2 notes:
1. Some Adventists have called this a betrayal of Adventism;
2. Do we need to be patting ourselves on the back and enjoying the self-importance for treating a 2019-nCoV patient? I suppose there has to be news, and humour, and connecting ourselves with the drama; otherwise we’d crawl under our beds wearing masks and waiting for the sky to fall.

Walmart manager’s Sabbath request posed undue hardship, court findsHRDive
This was also in the news back in 2018, when Walmart made a statement containing the following:
Being available to work weekends is essential for an assistant manager at Walmart. Mr. Hedican knew that, yet never told us he could not meet that obligation until after we offered him the job. Because he chose not to meet the assistant manager job requirements, we rescinded the job offer. We offered to discuss other positions but Mr. Hedican declined. We have attempted to resolve the matter and we remain open to further discussions.
Assuming Walmart’s 2018 claims are correct, I think this is a fair decision by the court – his request would have been burdensome to accommodate for someone in his role.


News and commentary on Catholicism:

Bishop Barron floats ‘online mandatum’ for Catholic teachersCatholic News Agency
Pros and cons to this. It would give people guidance so they don’t fall prey to the anti-Catholics attacking the pope. It might backfire and make the Taylor Marshalls and Tim Gordons seem like good Catholic victims instead.

Four different planetary nebulae: NGC 6543, NGC 7662, NGC 7009, NGC 6826
Four different planetary nebulae: NGC 6543, NGC 7662, NGC 7009, NGC 6826

The Galileo Affair Doesn’t Bother MeBrian Holdsworth, YouTube
Good, short reasoning on the history of this.

The Blink of an EyeIn Him Alone blog [defunct]
A story of death and hope. “Before you know it, in the blink of an eye, I’ll be standing before you.

What’s happening at the Presentation of the Lord?Jimmy Akin
Perhaps Jesus didn’t get redeemed for 5 shekels like most firstborn sons because Mary may have qualified as a Levite woman.

In major change, Knights of Columbus drop secret initiation ceremonyCatholic News Agency
Now they’re even less like the Freemasons.
“The rituals … sometimes called ceremonies or exemplifications, have for decades been separated into first, second and third degrees …
Usually when new members joined … councils would run a first degree initiation ceremony for them or take them to a nearby council with a trained degree team. …
These ceremonials of the order were kept under a pledge of secrecy limited to the membership. …
“Last year, little more than half of the men who took their First Degree also took their Third Degree,” he said, adding that the number of third degree teams is expected to decline. …
Men of the time “wanted secrecy and the sense of progression that came with multiple degrees,” he said. …
The order is also an insurance company, with about 1,200 agents who sell policies to its members. …”

See also this 100 year old document: Knights of Columbus: A complete ritual and history of the first three degrees, including all secret “work.” By a former member of the order.
The Knights of Columbus’ secret handshake, according to the above text:
The Grip: The grip is given by shaking hands in the ordinary way, and giving two distinct pressures with all the fingers. This is answered by one sharp pressure. The question which goes with the grip is, What council do you belong to?


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English breakfast
English breakfast
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