An Adventist who takes comfort in the deaths of Christians

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Here is a lovely example of the hate mail I get from my website. I think it speaks for itself. If he’d bothered to read my website, he’d notice that I do not call Adventism “satan’s church.” He’s also pretty hung up about his own church’s members being put to death when some imaginary law gets passed. He also didn’t name the “colobian official” and I doubt that this is anything more than just rumour within their community to try to foster paranoia and fear of other Christians. His final remark is really nice. Let this be a lesson to Adventists and non-Adventists out there.

And no, Catholics are not pushing for a law to have Adventists put to death.  That’s Adventist paranoia.

Here is the e-mail. Red highlights the joy in Christians dying.

stephan im a seventh day adventist iv been raised in the church . 1st of all
id like to start off by saying we are not satans church like how you and many
other self righteous,arrogant,un christ like bigots say we are you know i
just got back from a camp meeting that was held here in my community. there
were all religions there there was catholic,buddist,pentecostals,baptist,and
so many others iv never heard of before. but when the other so called
christians heard i was a seventh day. they called my an occultist, and said
that legalistic morons like myself are never gonna make it to you
think that Jesus was smiling down upon those self righteous bigots for bad
mouthing me just for belief? no of corse parents are wonderful
adventist christians and there are many other adventist christians as well.
you remind me so much of a high ranking colobian official who once made a
statement concerning up sda. he said you know who those troublemakers they
are the seventh day adventist. that why tomorrow im signing into law that
each and every seventh day adventist be put to death. and i usually dont
thank God but someone dies . but later that night in his bed that man fell
asleep and he never woke up. and we take comfort that the same will happen to
you . and anyone else who pushes or shoots for a law like that
p.s. get a life you self righteous bigot

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