The anti-Catholic Oneness Pentecostal again

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My reply to Erol the anti-Catholic mentioned in the most recent blog post:

Thanks for your e-mail.

I’ve responded on my website.

Example of an anti-Catholic’s rhetoric

I doubt it will help much discussing these things further, if your attitude
is going to be like this.

His response from :

Angry antSubject: catholic retoric (sic) gets funnier every day

I read your website why do you think I send you an email?

But i figured you would give me this futile and weak reply.
If you are asking yourself why my attitude is arrogant and may sound a bit angry
its because the Bible is truth not man, The Bible is truth not priests, The Bible is truth not popes.
The Bible is truth not your private interpretation, The Bible is truth and refutes your claim.

Now either reply with an honest attempt to “back” your heretical claim or do not claim it!

G-d bless,


My response:

It is merely your private interpretation that priests and popes are not biblically-based concepts.

I will continue to claim what I claim, because it is not heretical, and because you have not refuted it.

If you’re not willing to engage in polite discussion, don’t.  But don’t expect me to spend time on this.

Your website says enough.

I don’t have enough time to get through most of my e-mail.  I really don’t have the time to natter on with people who are not willing to listen, who yell “LIARRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and asks ridiculous things of me like:

Show me where G-d did not made the sabbath holy on the very 7th day of creation!


If people are not willing to be civil, to engage in reasonable discussion, I’m not interested.  I have no time for rhetoric and misguided propaganda.  How can they claim to be answering Catholicism when they aren’t able to even represent its teachings properly when they disagree with them?  They can serve as an example … that’s all such a discussion can do.  So here it is.

Part 1

Part 3

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