Example of an anti-Catholic’s rhetoric

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I got this e-mail from Erol, who appears to be a Sacred Names Modalist of sorts, making some rather arrogant claims.  Not a very nice e-mail – no swearing like some people who don’t like my views – but rather things like “LIARRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and “I challenge you to proof (sic) using scripture alone” – clearly in-your-face and quite stroppy about it.

I’m not going to waste my time with people who are not interested in rational discussion, but I think it’s good to show what sort of people there are out there.

Angry antFrom Erol – 


You have a nice work of fiction on your website.


I challenge you to proof using scripture alone where the Bible does not
say G-d made the sabbath to last FOREVER [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]
It being his sign between him and israel (the body of christ now)to
remember that he is the L-rd our G-d.

Go ahead, i’m waiting, show me where the scripture contradicts itself
according to you since you said it was not forever. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

Also show me where the Bible says the 7th day was changed to the 1th, I
pay every person that can do that $25.000 as posted on my website

Show me where G-d did not made the sabbath holy on the very 7th day of


However you can try all you like but you wont find one shred of scriptural evidence for your claim.

The only mentioning of 1th day service was BEFORE sunrise on Sunday and since the jewish sabbbath is from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset this thus was on the 7th day![1] [2]

You know, i am amazed by you roman catholic heretics, all you can do is
assume claim and most of all ignore facts.

The very mentioning of sola scriptura offends you cause it will totally
destroy your church her claims.
Hench Yeshua is your enemy for the scripture very clearly says that Yeshua is the word made flesh!

You are with the father of accusation, he was a murderer of man from the
beginning, when he speaketh a lie he speaketh of his own, for he is a liar and the father of it!


I am eagerly waiting for your impossible “evidence” and no I am not a 7th day adventist but a member of the real true church Yeshua founded which is JEWISH in origine with Christ as its SOLE FOUNDATION and our rock, not a mere man called peter whom Yeshua called satan! [1]

G-d bless,


I’ve put a few links / references in brackets – links that deal with his claims.

Oddly, he makes a lot out of offering $25000 to see where in the Bible it says that the 7th day was changed to the 1st.  Not only is the 7th day still the 7th, and the 1st still the 1st, but the Sabbath is still the 7th.  It just applies to the Old Covenant.  It’s odd that such an issue is made, when Sabbath keepers cannot find any evidence for their own practice in the New Testament, yet claim that the Sabbath is so important for Christians.

Visiting his website, one sees several links about Catholicism.  If you look at them, they badly misrepresent Catholic teaching – so what they’re attacking is not really Catholic teaching at all.  They don’t understand properly what Catholic teaching is.  They’re attacking a religion that doesn’t exist.

Saying that “Catholics DO worship Mary!” is much like me telling his denomination that they reject the New Testament.  They don’t, and their interpretation of it may be faulty, but they don’t reject it.  Likewise with Catholicism – worship is an act of the will, of the spirit, not a function of body posture or misinterpreted words.  Catholics do not worship Mary.  To argue that we do makes them lose credibility from the outset.

Reading further on their site will not help them gain back any credibility they lost with their poorly-informed rantings.

Looking at their statement of beliefs page, they appear to be a Sacred Names group who reject the Trinity, and subscribe instead to a form of Binitarianism (a term coined in the Church of God movement that sprang up in the mid-1900’s under Herbert Armstrong) or a form of modalism.  They seem to claim Monarchianism.  They tell us they reject the Trinity, but virtually all Catholics and Protestants also reject what this site describes as the Trinity.  They can’t even get the definition of what they reject right.

They reject Trinitarian baptism … which is commanded in the Bible.

They seem to have had some influence from the Armstrongite sector – indicated by things such as their taking issue with Armstrongite teachings such as the Wednesday crucifixion theory elsewhere on their site.

By Scriptures, we mean the 66 books of the Old and New Testament Canon.

In other words, they follow the Reformers who chose to go by the Old Testament defined at the Council of Jamnia.

Yet they follow this later with:

Aquila was the apostate translator of the Septuagint version used in the Synagogues after 129AD. We reject the decisions of the Council of Jamia (sic) in 90AD.

So they reject Jamnia’s decisions, but follow them anyway.  Odd.

They also reject the Septuagint, used by Christ and the Apostles, and the most commonly quoted version of the Old Testament used by them in the New Testament.  Strange.

There are a lot of groups that teach that Jesus, and the Jews of his time, were black people.  Some are extremely adamant about this, and act as if it’s an essential article of faith, without which one is lost.  This denomination doesn’t state that … but it is odd that a statement of beliefs, a creed, actually includes something so obscure and irrelevant, unless it is actually a key teaching of this group.

We read this embedded in a paragraph on racism … which may alleviate the importance of it:

Racism is contrary to the teachings of Jesus. … Since we believe the original Jews were not white, we get a picture of brown or black Apostles converting white people to a Jewish religion. … Jewish racism against Gentiles because of a person’s ancient bloodline is silly. White racism against those of black skin is stupid. Black racism against whites shows someone has perverted Bible truth. Any racism against any person is contrary to the work of God. God loves all people in all nations and races.

Paranoia and conspiracy theories – downright myths and unresearched propaganda – appears throughout the site.  One example – they think Pope John Paul II was a cyanide salesman for the Nazis.  And they seem to subcribe to the same sort of ideas as the notorious Nicholas from the RemnantOfGod website – widely known as quite a crackpot on Usenet.

In summary, this seems to be a denomination on the very fringe of Christianity, even further out than the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses, who also have a peculiar set of beliefs.  They appear to be Oneness Pentecostals … who, in my experience, are not good at honesty when it comes to Catholicism and others they disagree with.

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