“Whatever happened to Sunday?”

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Sometimes we should look past Adventism’s devotion to the Sabbath and see in it their devotion to God.

From LifeSiteNews: Phoenix Bishop says “No Sunday Shopping”

Bishop Olmsted of Phoenix said, “Keep the Lord’s day holy. . . refrain from all shopping and enjoy Sunday as a day of rest, a day of leisure, a day for family, a day for celebrating the Eucharist.”

The trend to the loss of the observance of Sunday is another feature of the general de-Christianizing of western culture since the end of the second world war.

From The Arizona Republic: Sundays no longer day of rest [dead link removed]

“You almost have to be opened on Sundays,” Clark, 41, said. “There’s so much competition, you have to be.”

“Nobody relaxes on Sunday anymore.”

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