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Troll feeding, part 2

Forest Troll

Adventists are strange things indeed. Experts in deceit. Experts at trolling. Experts at saying the same misconceptions over and over without listening to explanations as to why they are wrong. E.g. why we should all go and commit adultery and murder if we consider the sabbath obsolete. As if repeating the same silly argument will make people change their minds. Intelligent discussion with them is rare, and mostly impossible. I’ve never, never come across a religion with so much dishonesty in it, and with so much dishonesty displayed by its followers.

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Anatomy of an Adventist troll, or troll feeding

Troll, via Uncyclopedia

Out there on the interweb, there are trolls. Many of them. Occasionally I like to feed them. I’d feed them pork, but they’re Adventist, so one of the few rules they have is to not eat pork. (They only have 10 rules, which are to keep the sabbath on Saturday and to not eat pork. Abortion and dishonesty are permitted)

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