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Sabbath rest or sabbath worship? – Part 2

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In my previous post, I looked at how the Bible never calls the sabbath a day of worship. I’ve challenged Adventists to show me where the Bible says it is a day of worship. Needless to say, there were no responses forthcoming that actually provided me with biblical evidence of the Adventist claim.

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Sabbath rest or sabbath worship? – Part 1

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If Adventists are right, even remotely right, there must be some biblical instruction in the Old Testament that the sabbath is God’s decreed day of worship. But there isn’t …

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Acts 18 – do Christians keep the Sabbath in Acts?

Yes, 72 Sabbaths spent preaching to unbelievers in a service organised by unbelievers. That was not a Christian worship service. In fact, every single such Sabbath gathering mentioned in Acts is of the same type – a NON-Christian service that some Christians were also attending to witness to those who had not yet accepted Christ. If your local Adventist pastor spent 72 Sundays preaching to Sunday-keepers in a Sunday-keeping church hall, would he be keeping Sunday? No … by the same logic, these texts are not evidence of Sabbath observance by Paul or other Christians.

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Acts 17 – do Christians keep the Sabbath in Acts?

Adventists state that it was Paul’s manner to witness in the synagogue on the Sabbath, and from that they conclude that he worshipped there too at the same time. The text does not use the word “worship” and the word “manner” does not imply worship either.

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Acts 16 – do Christians keep the Sabbath in Acts?

Acts 16:13 is different to the other references to the Sabbath in Acts, but nothing in this text suggests this was a Christian worship service. Yes, it was the Sabbath, but that is simply the day of the week on which it occurred. Just like at times other days of the week are named, there is NOTHING in this text that implies that this was a Sabbath service. Christians can and do worship on ANY day of the week – this was nothing special.

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Luke 4 – did Jesus set an example of Sabbath keeping for us?

Any Sabbath observance that Jesus did would have to explained to people who did not keep the Sabbath and who were unfamiliar with it. And therefore, when we see that Jesus’ Sabbath visit to the synagogue was actually explained, we need to ask WHY it needed to be explained. And, if we look at what the Bible and history show about first century Gentile Christians, we see that Luke needed to explain Jesus’ Sabbath customs because the Christian Gentiles were not familiar with the Sabbath at all. So, surprise! The text used to prove that Jesus went to the synagogue on the Sabbath, actually helps prove that Christians do NOT need to do that!!!

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Acts 13 – do Christians keep the Sabbath in Acts?

Yes, Acts 13 is referring to a Sabbath service, but look where the service is! Is this a Christian service, organised by Christians, for Christian worship? Or is this a Jewish service, organised by Jews, for the usual synagogue service that had been going on in the synagogues for decades prior to Christ’s lifetime? … Where does Acts 13 use the word “worship” in relation to the actions of Paul? Nowhere – not one of the words used indicates worship by Paul. The text of Acts 13 itself demonstrates that Paul is NOT observing the Sabbath. The assumption that his presence in the synagogues on the Sabbath means his observance of it as a holy day is a mistake Sabbatarians make because they want to find texts where the Apostles keep the Sabbath. In fact, there are NO such texts in the entire Bible!

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