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Is the SSPX in schism from the Catholic Church?

Archbishop Lefebvre in 1981 - suspended even from hearing confessions barring an emergency

“For the pastoral benefit of these faithful, and trusting in the good will of their priests to strive with God’s help for the recovery of full communion in the Catholic Church, I have personally decided to extend this faculty beyond the Jubilee Year …”

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Youth and the Latin Mass

Tridentine Mass celebrated on Palm Sunday in the chapel of Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston. Photo by John Stephen Dwyer

The Latin Mass is growing in popularity around the world, and over the last few years I’ve seen several reports of how young Catholics are attracted to the ancient Mass. This is a growing movement that I don’t believe can be stopped.

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More photos from the Latin Mass training, 2013

Training at the altar, Latin Mass training course, 2013, Ratcliffe College

As mentioned previously, a priest, Fr Noel, from the Archdiocese of Cape Town recently attended the Latin Mass training course at Ratcliffe College in England, which was organised by the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales. Fr Noel has kindly given me some photos to share.

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Training for the Traditional Latin Mass, 2013

Low Mass, LMS training course, Ratcliffe College, 2003.

A priest from the Archdiocese of Cape Town attended the recent training course for the Latin Mass in Ratcliffe College, Leicestershire, UK. More photos will follow, but here are a few from the organisers, used with the permission of Joseph Shaw of the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales.

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One vernacular Mass on Sunday

Pope Benedict XVI in 2010

I am tired. Hence the long break between posts. I am do tired. And I wish the above comment would come true. Then I might have more energy. I dread the election of the next pope. What if he’s not another Benedict?

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The Latin Mass in Africa – contacts

Consecration - Elevation at Holy Mass

I went to Mass here in Umtata tonight. This time they said the creed. Communion was via the “take and dip” method, with no extraordinary minister of the Eucharist assisting – the chalice was on the altar, the priest down below. Interestingly, half the congregation didn’t self-communicate. And at least they said the creed this time.

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