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God’s visible grace

South Arabian Sabbath lamp

Guest post at the blog Reinventing the Adventist Wheel.

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Christmas is Christian

Adoration of the Shepherds, by Gerard van Honthorst, 1622 AD

At this time of the year, when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and the Incarnation of God the Son in human form, scoffers appear. Adventists are amongst these. Some Adventists celebrate Christmas, some don’t. Those who don’t rely on two key arguments – 1) it’s not commanded in the Bible, and no permission is given to do so, and 2) misinformation.

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Adventist Christmas

Midnight Mass 2012

Sadly, some Adventists do not celebrate Christmas. They associate it with Catholicism, and therefore consider it to be a corrupt expression of our Christian faith. … I wish all Adventists and non-Adventists a very blessed Christmas this 25 December – the sending of Our Lord – as they celebrate the Incarnation.

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