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Hate mail from an Adventist, May 2019

Angry ant

I got some lovely hate mail from a guy called David Winston. I thought it would be good to share here. It shows how nasty Adventists can be, and how their hatred blinds them to any factual evidence contrary to their way of viewing the world.

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An Adventist who takes comfort in the deaths of Christians

Here is a lovely example of the hate mail I get from my website. I think it speaks for itself. If he’d bothered to read my website, he’d notice that I do not call Adventism “satan’s church.” He’s also pretty hung up about his own church’s members being put to death when some imaginary law gets passed. He also didn’t name the “colobian official” and I doubt that this is anything more than just rumour within their community to try to foster paranoia and fear of other Christians. His final remark is really nice. Let this be a lesson to Adventists and non-Adventists out there.

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Adventist anti-Catholic hatred is alive and well

From time to time I get some vicious remarks from Adventists who don’t want to discuss the Bible, but feel they should take the opportunity to insult those of us who do take it seriously. Here are a few of the best, along with some statements that, without being nasty, demonstrate the real nature of Adventist anti-Catholicism.

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An analysis of an essay by the Adventist pastor/sociologist Dr Frank Steyn

Dr Frank Steyn, PhD, sociologist, and previously SDA pastor in the Columbia Union within the Ohio Conference. I receive several items of hate mail at times from Adventists who simply cannot stomach what my website has to say. They accuse me of all sorts of things, but few of them ever actually quote the Bible for me, and usually they just rant on with anti-Catholic propaganda that has no basis in history or rational thinking.

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Spiteful remarks from Dr Frank Steyn, an Adventist pastor/sociologist

I have posted 3 e-mails here, from a Dr Frank Steyn. Note that all he was willing to do was insult. No response with reasoned arguments from the Bible or other sources. At present he has started debating, but does not stick to one topic or discuss one concept in full, and after each reply I send, he changes to a new topic. Topic hopping and verse hopping are common among Adventists and Jehovah’s Witnesses and others whose doctrines are not firmly based on the Bible.

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Another SDA, Pam, attacks the truth but refuses to discuss the Bible

Why is this the case? Pam H, and all other Adventists who are so willing to attack Catholicism backed up only by myths and propaganda they hear in anti-Catholic sermons and read in grossly inaccurate tracts passed out on street corners – why are you willing to insult, ridicule, and slander something and then refuse to engage in any form of mature discussion when your views are questioned?

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