How the mighty have fallen – from Mother A to Father Z

Snake handling

Several things worry me. Zuhlsdorf lies, about important things, not just little things. When a person with such an aura of self-importance, especially a cleric, lies … something is wrong. When a priest starts lying in order to make himself look important … beware of him. Run. It applies to the SSPX, and it applies to Zuhlsdorf. And when such a priest owns a gun …

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Adventist and Catholic News & Views 023 – 17 Jan 2021

Carlo Maria Vigano in 2013

Key words: Acolytes, Burke, COVID vaccine, Cults, Ellen White, EWTN, Face diapers, Fr Zuhlsdorf, Labor, Labour, Lectors, Masks, Pope Francis, Pope Leo XIII, Rerum novarum, Spiritus Domini, Traditionalism, Unions, Vigano, Women

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Turn about – Carl Olson’s conversion

All of the criticisms were the result of twisting and misunderstanding Catholic teaching.

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Dr. Beverly Whelton – The Journey Home

Dr. Beverly Whelton, former Seventh-day Adventist, now Catholic, speaks about her conversion to the Catholic Church. May 23 2005, The Journey Home, with Marcus Grodi.

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