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Adventism and blind people

Healing of the Blind Man

I’ve actually had them tell me that the biblical instruction not to put something in front of a blind man so that he falls over it is a ceremonial law.

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A sabbath commandment in Revelation?

Book of Revelation,"Worthy is the Lamb"

Adventists sometimes claim that Revelation shows sabbath keeping by Christians.

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Is tithing biblical?


Adventists believe tithing is a biblical requirement.

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Is the Sabbath moral or ceremonial law?

Moral law

Seventh-day Adventists teach that the moral law laid down by God through Moses is still intact today, and must be kept (though they, unlike their founder Ellen White, do admit that salvation does not come through the keeping of these commandments.) They also teach that the ceremonial laws laid down by God through Moses are no longer in effect today – we need no longer observe ritual purification like the ancient Israelites did, nor need we sacrifice lambs at Passover. However, they teach that the Sabbath, because it is part of the Ten Commandments, is part of the moral law, and not part of the ceremonial law. Are they right ? I had a debate on IRC with several Adventists defending their views, and managed to get nothing out of them except the claim that the Sabbath was moral law because it was part of the 10 Commandments. But they were totally unable to explain WHY.

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