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Are you a moral relativist?

Donkey, Boston Public Library

My view on the Old Testament atrocities is that human history, and especially the activities and rules in the Old Testament, are a play laid out by God to teach us something at the end.

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A simple explanation of justification

The Fall of Man, by Lucas Cranach the Elder, 1530 AD

While Catholics and Lutherans (and some other Protestants) have agreed that both sides mean the same thing when they use different words, there remains tension with some regarding salvation by faith alone vs salvation by grace alone. Our response to grace is sometimes mistakenly seen by Protestants as being our own works, and therefore of no value to God.

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Galatians 4: Adventists are Hagar, Christians are Sarah

Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar

The other side, those who are Hagar’s children – Muslims and Adventists – are in bondage, following the covenant at Sinai. That’s a huge revelation regarding Adventism. They lack, due to their allegiance, a full part in the New Covenant.

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The Sabbath first revealed to man

Exodus 16 is the very first time in the Bible when anyone is told to keep the Sabbath. What has just happened is that Israel has come out of Egypt. If we compare Exodus 20 to Deut 5, we get two things that the Sabbath represents. 1 – creation (in the Exodus text). 2 – coming out of Egypt (in the Deuteronomy text). God’s intention must have been to have a dual symbolism there.

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Call no man father

Murillo - Abraham receiving the three angels

Rom 4:1, James 2:21, Luke 1:73, and Acts 7:2 have Abraham being called a father, in an ancestral/spiritual sense. Rom 4:16 has Abraham called the “father of us all.” Isaac is called “our father Isaac” in Rom 9. Timothy’s father was a Greek, says Acts 16. That’s not metaphorical or figurative. Yet this man was called Timothy’s father, when Timothy was a Christian whose father was God. 1 Cor 4:15 has Paul calling himself a father in a spiritual sense.

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John 7 – circumcision on the Sabbath

God also refers to circumcision as a perpetual covenant in Genesis 17:11-13, to incense as one in Exod 30:8, to the Levitical priesthood as one in Exod 29:9. All these so-called perpetual covenants have been done away with at the cross. Just because they are called perpetual covenants does not mean that their purpose will never come to an end. Circumcision was for ALL Abraham’s generations, yet although we are part of that people, circumcision if not necessary for Christians. The same goes for the Sabbath.

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