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A Catholic understanding of St John’s Revelation

John's Vision of Heaven

Previously I was asked about my understanding of the end times and the correct interpretation of Revelation.

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Adventist conversion story – Easter 2016

The Resurrection of Christ

Michael Martling is an Adventist who will be converting to Catholicism this Easter.

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Call no man Father? Tell Ellen White!

William Miller

Adventists and others accuse Catholics of disobeying Jesus by calling our priests “Father”. But the interesting thing is that Ellen White referred to William Miller, the founder of the Millerite movement that started Adventism, as “Father Miller”.

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Pope Francis – Jesus’ failure on the cross?

Pope Francis

The wolves (or donkeys, depicted on the right) cannot read, or don’t want to read. They see the words “failure of the cross” and abandon context and honesty in order to promote their nasty agenda. I don’t see how any honest person can read the entire paragraph, notice the words “humanly speaking”, and misunderstand. The wolves bear false witness. It’s what they do.

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Converting to Catholicism, and keeping the good from Adventism

Crucifixion, from Polittico di Valle Romita

Mike Senseney wrote the following on a Facebook forum, and he’s given permission for me to share this. He’s an ex-Adventist who found his way home to the Catholic Church.

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Adventism and the ordination of women

Ellen White

Adventism’s decision about the ordination of women is not really about the Bible – it’s about being part of the world, and that is why Adventism will eventually fall – it’s part of the world’s need to reject divine authority and do as it pleases, the essence of Protestantism, the itching ear syndrome (2 Timothy 4:3).

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Why I remain Catholic

Council of Trent in Santa Maria Maggiore church, Museo Diocesano Tridentino, Trento (Italy)

It’s a current trend to post why one remains Catholic. There are many reasons, but I think mine are mostly historical. I believe that the first century Christians developed into the second century Christians, who developed into the third century Christians, and then into the 4th century Christians. …

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Ben Carson, the next US President, and anti-Catholic?

Dr Ben Carson; photo by Gage Skidmore

An Adventist is possibly amongst those running for the throne that is arguably the most powerful position in the world. Dr Benjamin Solomon Carson Sr., a retired neurosurgeon and a Republican, is potentially the next US President. And he is a Seventh-day Adventist.

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Will Catholics persecute Adventists for sabbath keeping?

Icon of the Resurrection

Seventh-day Adventists think that in the end times, they will be persecuted by Sunday-keeping Christians, and by Catholics in particular. Why? Because they think observing the weekly sabbath according to some, but not all, of the Old Testament sabbath laws, will be the test commandment, the test that shows they are the true followers of God.

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Baptism by immersion only?

Baptism of Jesus - Orthodox icon

Adventists baptise only by full immersion (submersion), and they don’t consider other forms of baptism to be real baptisms. They also don’t baptise infants, but that’s another story for another day. As with the Sabbath, Adventism’s doctrine is based on selected texts and not the entire biblical picture. The Catholic Church, on the other hand, …

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Adventism cannot be the true remnant church

Picture of a random baby off WikiMedia Commons

Adventism claims to be the chosen remnant church, called out of the rest of Christianity. The identifying sign of the remnant, according to Adventism, is that they keep all 10 commandments. They don’t. Officially, Adventism condones abortion. That means, officially, Adventism cannot be the true remnant they claim to be.

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Shame on you – Adventists, dishonesty, and the Catholic Church

Jesus doesn't like lies being told about Christians.

Adventists have a reputation for their dishonesty, and not just among Catholics. Out there in real life and on the internet there is a huge collection of anti-Catholic propaganda waiting for gullible Catholics, and others, to ensnare them. When a Catholic meets a certain type of Adventist, this sort of propaganda abounds.

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Dishonest Adventists

Jesus doesn't like lies being told about Christians.

Here are some examples from recent Facebook conversations. Discussions are trimmed to include the relevant bits. Disgusting to read, and disgusting to have to deal with regularly. Not all the “Catholic” discussion is mine; where more than one person was involved in the discussion, they are numbered 1 and 2.

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We’re now on Facebook!

I have decided to start up a Facebook group that accompanies this blog. The group is called Catholic discussion of Adventism. This group is for Catholics, not Adventists. The statement of purpose is as follows …

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Whose truth is the real truth, and how can we know?

Still life with Bible, Vincent van Gogh

When Christians study the Bible and reach different conclusions, how can they figure out which conclusion is the correct one? Is there a way to know that one is right, apart from the conviction that the Holy Spirit has led one in one’s study of the Bible? When someone has a different interpretation of the Bible to ours, how do we know the Holy Spirit has led us, and not them? How can we be sure that we are right? Or is there a possibility that we’re wrong?

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Did Constantine found the Catholic Church?

Constantine the Great

The short answer, no, but that won’t satisfy Adventists and other anti-Catholics. Over at Almost Not Catholic, Brent has a good article debunking Adventist claims – Myth Buster: Constantine Founded the Catholic Church.

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The 10 Commandments and the New Law in Catholic teaching

Pope Pius XII

Here we look at Catholic explanations, showing that this concept of the 10 Commandments being part of the Old Covenant legal code, and therefore not the legal code in effect today, is indeed believed by Catholics and supported by Catholic teaching.

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The Sabbath and the Old Covenant, part 3

The Resurrection of Christ

In the first part of this series, we saw that the Sabbath commandment is one of the 10 Commandments, that the 10 Commandments are the words of the Old Covenant, and that the Sabbath was the sign of the Old Covenant. In Part 2 we looked at the New Covenant’s legal code, and saw that the 10 Commandments are no longer binding as a legal code under the New Covenant. Now we’ll look at how the 10 Commandments still apply to Christians.

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The Sabbath and the Old Covenant, part 2

The Sermon on the Mount

In the first part of this series, we saw that the Sabbath commandment is one of the 10 Commandments, that the 10 Commandments are the words of the Old Covenant, and that the Sabbath was the sign of the Old Covenant. Now we’ll look at what the New Covenant’s legal code is, and what the 10 Commandments are under the New Covenant.

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Christian Halloween

Jack o' Lantern

No, Halloween is NOT a pagan holiday adopted by Catholics and passed on to Protestants. That’s a myth perpetuated by anti-Catholics and those who, contrary to the Bible, fear what has been offered to pagan gods. So, in reality, Halloween is a safe and fun secular practice with Christian origins. If you don’t believe that, or dislike the type of Christian faith it originated in, follow Paul’s advice. If you don’t feel you can go that far yet, don’t complain about those who have a stronger faith.

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