SSPX – turning ordinary Masses into funerals (how to)

SSPX chapel quarantine notice, 25 March 2020

Apparently nobody important has fallen for the funeral ploy, and instead there will be house Masses and very surreptitious chapel Masses, with the usual “park a distance away, creep in slowly one at a time, leave in the same cautious way” warning.

Sounds like a spy novel, and no doubt that’s part of the excitement for them. They get to live out their persecution complex, express their bizarre ideas about COVID, sing (very important to them), they feel like martyrs, and this gives them their adrenaline rush.

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Adventist and Catholic News & Views 022 – 2 Jan 2021

Dr Ben Carson

Key words: Abraham, Ben Carson, Christmas, COVID restrictions, Inadmissible, Kosher, Mark of the beast, Milk and meat together, Name of the Lord, New Testament priesthood, Novena, Religious freedom, Three angels

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Should Tammuz and Nimrod determine Christian practice?

Pope Benedict XVI wearing a camauro

Some people claim that 25 December is really the birthday of Tammuz, Nimrod, Tammuz son of Nimrod, or various other people. From this they conclude that Christmas is really a celebration of Tammuz or Nimrod or someone other than Jesus.

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Adventist and Catholic News & Views 021 – 26 Dec 2020

Horned beast

Key words: Abby Johnson, Adventist mobile gaming app, Cooperation with evil, COVID vaccine, Dave Nix, Dominik Duka, Edmontosaurus thanatocoenosis, HEK-293 cells, Holy Vaccine, Joseph Strickland, Luis Tagle

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Adventist and Catholic News & Views 020 – 19 Dec 2020

Follow me on Parler

Key words: Abortion money, Antivaxxer, Apartheid, Bishop Stika, Communion in the hand, Communion on the tongue, COVID-19, Darth Vader, Edward Allred, Ku Klux Klan, Loma Linda, Martyrs, Nativity scene, Parler, Race, Religious persecution, Segregation, SSPX, Strickland, Zuhlsdorf

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Adventist and Catholic News & Views 019 – 12 Dec 2020

Death penalty and Fratelli Tutti

Key words: Allison Willows, Becciu, Biden, Brandon Bernard, Burke, Canon 915, COVID terrorists, Digital evangelism, Fr Zuhlsdorf, Moist plinth, Naima Cochrane, Religious freedom

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Change from “one God” to “God” – corrected to omit “one”

Russian Jewelled Icon of Christ Pantocrator

The Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales has made a change to the conclusion of the collects in the English Mass, following advice from Cardinal Robert Sarah, head of the Congregation for Divine Worship.

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Adventist and Catholic News & Views 018 – 28 Nov 2020

Dr Ben Carson; photo by Gage Skidmore

Key words: Ben Carson, Church Militant, COVID vaccines, Dick Williamson, Fiona O’Leary, Florian Abrahamowicz, Holy Hotspot, Paul Touvier, Ramon Angles, Sabbath, Sexual abuse, SSPX, SSPX Resistance, Superstition, Theosis, Vaccines

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SSPX, Rape and Cover-up

SSPX logo

Erica Kauffman, an SSPX follower in the USA, has released a video on YouTube detailing her traumatic experience with the SSPX and a priest she says raped her on several occasions. Their response to her pleas for help in the late 1990s was to …

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Adventist and Catholic News & Views 017 – 1 Nov 2020

SSPX - Darth Vader Lefebvre

Key words: Conspiracy theories, COVID-19, Masks, Mass Rocks, SSPX, Sunday law, Working class

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Should Pope Francis wear a mask?

Pope Francis in Korea

Fr Thomas Reese criticises Pope Francis for not wearing a mask, and even goes as far as saying Pope Francis should go to confession over this. He gives 6 points explaining why Pope Francis should wear a mask. The Society of St Pius X (SSPX), a group of mostly health people, are behaving like idiots around the world by shunning mask use and other means of preventing spread of SARS-CoV-2. They can very easily and soundly be condemned as fools. I’m not so sure about Pope Francis.

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Does the SSPX even exist?

SSPX logo

The Society of St Pius X (SSPX) was founded on 7 November 1970, with the official document’s signatures predated to 1 November. It was established as a “pia unio”, a “pious union”, aka an association of the faithful, for a provisional/probationary period of 6 years.

On 6 May 1975, 4 years and 5 months later, that status was withdrawn. In the eyes of the Church, the SSPX no longer had any canonical status.

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Adventist and Catholic News & Views 016 – 16 Oct 2020

Maggie: RIP - 1990 - 23 April 2006

Key words: Amharic, Cloned pigs, Conspiracy theories, Council of Nicaea, Exorcism, Fr Zuhlsdorf, Pets, QAnon, Trump

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The 2020 Sanger Award goes to the SSPX

Sanger Award for Religious Courage

Congratulations to the Society of St Pius X for winning the 2020 Sanger Award for Religious Courage.

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Adventist and Catholic News & Views 015 – 2 Oct 2020

Cardinal Becciu in 2013

Key words: Adventist communion services, Amy Coney Barrett, Becchiu, Clericalism, Croatia, Defenestration, Eucharist, Knights of Columbus, Sacraments, Sunday laws, Sunday rest

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Maskless till the end, the SSPX way

Charles Darwin, 1883

On 24 Sept, it was the 50th anniversary of the founding of the SSPX seminary in Switzerland.

As I said before, with the SSPX the rot goes all the way to the top. I only know of our local SSPX cleric who told his congregation that the law doesn’t apply to them, but in at least 3 countries there have been altercations between the SSPX and law enforcement. That they are above the law is obviously not the published official policy of the SSPX, but it may well be the unspoken unpublished version.

The June ordinations in Switzerland demonstrated that their leadership had absolutely no regard for the safety of others when it came to social distancing and wearing masks.

The same was obvious on 24 September, with their Pontifical High Mass for the transfer of founder Archbishop Lefebvre’s body to another location. No social distancing. No masks.

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Adventist and Catholic News & Views 014 – 26 Sept 2020

Pope Francis giving a polio vaccine

Key words: Baptism, Catechesis, Convert, Coronavirus, Coronavirus Vaccine, COVID-19, COVID vaccine, Hiroshima, Invalid baptism, Loma Linda, Mark Galli, Orthodox, Pope Francis, Quackery, Vaccine

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St Marys, Kansas – an SSPX town

Catholic church, St Marys, Kansas, USA, 1851

My blog series on the Society of St Pius X (SSPX) and the COVID pandemic has caught the attention of at least one person in St Marys, Kansas, USA. So I’ll say hello here to all the other St Marys residents too.
Hello to St Marys, Kansas!!

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Video: The Truth about the SSPX

SSPX ordinations 27 June 2020 - no masks visible

Below is Patrick Coffin’s video about the SSPX. Very enlightening, especially about the way cults avoid facts, accuse those who disagree of hatred, claim victim-hood, and deflect.

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The Feast of Pope St Liberius of Rome, 23 Sept

Pope St Liberius

In the West, we’ve forgotten that Pope Liberius was celebrated as a saint for over a millennium, with his feast day on 23 September. Venerable Cardinal Caesar Baronius’ 1586 revisions of the Roman Martyrology removed his feast, possibly to avoid further conflict with the Protestants. Pope St Liberius refused to condemn St Athanasius, for which he was briefly imprisoned. While imprisoned, he was forced to sign an apparently semi-Arian document, an act he repented of later.

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