SSPX Resistance, the spin-off

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I recently discovered another horrific story about a radical traditionalist group behaving similarly towards COVID. Called SSPX Resistance, they are an SSPX spinoff who followed the weirdest SSPX bishop, Bishop Williamson, after he was excommunicated from the SSPX. He’s the guy who publicly claimed on Swedish television that the Holocaust never happened, on the same day he was un-excommunicated from the real Catholic Church by Pope Benedict XVI.

I felt sick as I read it. So much about this group is similar to the SSPX chapel in Cape Town. Of course, they are an SSPX spin-off, only whackier. They are running what sounds like a cult in Ireland … a theological cult as well as a COVID quackery cult.

Bishop Richard Williamson, suspended
Bishop Richard Williamson, suspended

It was also a sense of relief, somewhat. I am not the only one with a problem SSPX sect in my neighbourhood, and not the only one worried about their disease-mongering. Of course, I knew that. But it was so nice – and so sickening – to read about someone else having the same problem right now. So Ireland has these cranks too. Again, I knew that – Canada and France and Switzerland have them. And I have a lot of people agitated with me about the situation in Cape Town. It’s just that nothing can be done. Fools have been part of human existence since the beginning. And the devil protects his own.

Please visit Fiona O’Leary’s blog and read the whole thing, and look at the photos. Nice little church, nasty COVID attitude, generally problematic.

SSPX Resistance Cult Operating Out Of A Farmhouse In West Cork
by Fiona O’Leary

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