Testimony of an ex-Adventist #2

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I stumbled across your site while doing some research on the Adventist church. You have a very thorough and thought-provoking site. I am enjoying your articles, and must commend you for your fine work.

I was a third-generation Adventist until 15 years ago when I left and never looked back. I came from a “traditional” Adventist home where I was taught that the Catholic Church was Babylon and the Pope was practically Satan himself. This is pretty typical of traditional SDA teachings, saturated as they are with Ellen White’s drivel.

I am now a very happy Evangelical Christian, and although I don’t necessarily agree with you on everything, I am now at a point in my life where I can learn and grow by interacting with fellow Christians like yourself. Just the fact that I consider you, a Catholic, as a fellow Christian would have seemed impossible for me 20 years ago. To this day my father, who is still very active in the SDA church, remains rabidly anti-Catholic.

A telling picture of Adventism’s unfounded hatred toward Catholics can be summed up in this news article: [out of date link replaced with a new one].

I read with interest your article on Samuele Bacchiocci’s nasty email. I cannot say that I’m surprised in the least that he responded to you in this manner. I have had several encounters with Bacchiocci in the past, through email, and he can be quite nasty when he’s cornered with the truth. You can count on not receiving an apology from him. He still owes me an apology from an email he sent two years ago in which he derided my intelligence and told me that I couldn’t possibly comprehend his knowledge. It’s sad that a man like this has wasted so much intelligence and time on trying to defend the indefensible.

Again, great site. I know the Lord will bless your ongoing efforts.

In His Grace,

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