Christmas resources – 2019

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First, some music

Veni, veni Emmanuel! Captivum solve Israel!
Qui gemit in exilio, Privatus Dei Filio,
Gaude, gaude, Emmanuel nascetur pro te, Israel.

Resources for understanding the Christian nature of Christmas

Christmas is Christian

Jewish holy days fulfilled

No, Christmas is Not Pagan. Just Stop. … Fr Andrew Damick [Orthodox]

Why celebrate Christian holidays that aren’t in the Bible? … Fr Andrew Damick [Orthodox]

10 ways to put Christ back into Christmas … Good Shepherd Orthodox Church

Why Christmas is not Pagan … Good Shepherd Orthodox Church

December 25th Birth of Jesus?: Interesting Considerations … Dave Armstrong

Debunking the Myth of ‘Pagan’ Christmas … The Southern Cross

Is Christmas pagan? … Adventist News Network (the official news service of the Seventh-day Adventist world church)
Comment: Excellent article. The Christmas = pagan myth is well debunked now by Adventists. This could have been straight from a Catholic website.

Average Weather in December in Bethlehem, Palestinian Territories – Sheep can definitely stay outside at night quite happily.

Some internet memes

Christmas date timeline
Christmas date timeline
The Magi were pagan
The Magi were pagan
Christmas trees
Christmas trees
Protestant idolatry
Protestant idolatry
If the angels celebrated ...
If the angels celebrated …
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