The Atheists’ Pope

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Though I’d read work by other Christians who laid out compelling cases for their beliefs, there was something about Pope Benedict’s particular style that reminded me of the people I knew growing up. Many times I thought that if my father and his scientist friends were to become believers and explain why they believed, this is what it would look like. When I read the Holy Father’s encyclicals, speeches, and books, I didn’t feel so lost in the Christian world anymore. I learned what it means to have faith, and I saw anew that faith and reason are two sides of the same coin. I learned that the zeal for knowledge and truth that I’d seen in my nonreligious upbringing could not only be found in Christianity, but was in fact one of its defining characteristics. Thanks to this great pastor at the head of the Church, my new home started to feel as comfortable as my old home.

– Jennifer Fulwiler, National Catholic Register – read the full thing there.

h/t Former Adventist Discussions

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