Adventism cannot be the true remnant church

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The true remnant church cannot condone abortion.

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A recent discussion I was part of on Facebook was about abortion and Adventism.

Adventists claim Catholics break the 10 commandments by not keeping Saturday as a holy day.  (See why that’s nonsense here.)

Yet Adventism is pro-abortion.  Some Adventist hospitals are abortion mills.  Some of the most prolific abortionists are Adventist.  Edward Allred claims to have performed more than 250 000 abortions in 12 years – and was subsequently honoured by La Sierra university, an Adventist university.

How does that work?  Is the commandment against murder not one Adventists believe in?  Ask them, and they’ll say they do.

Adventist: Stop the habit of finding fault where there is none, the same practice of Pharisees who very strict on laws of which they themselves failed to keep.

Huh?  No fault?  People finding fault with the slaughter of innocents are like the Pharisees??

Adventist: The problem with this argument is that there is no commandment which says “You shall not have abortions,” nor is there one that says abortion is murder. However, the Sabbath commandment is perfectly clear, “REMEMBER the Sabbath day, to keep it holy…” The argument is often used that all abortion is murder, but the Scriptures themselves do not so define it.

Yes, there is a big difference, but it’s that abortion causes the death of an innocent human being, and the sabbath is irrelevant. There is no commandment that says we shall not kill one-year olds either. All we need to do to justify that is determine that murder is killing of anyone older than one year. We can define many categories of sub-humans if we so chose, and that is been done many times in history. There are many examples in the Bible that show that in the womb there is life. Even assuming that the sabbath was applicable to Christians, if the deliberate ending of an innocent human life is acceptable under some circumstances, then the same applies to the sabbath.

Is Adventism the remnant?

10 CommandmentsAdventism claims to be the chosen remnant church, called out of the rest of Christianity, which they consider to be the Whore of Babylon and its daughters.

The identifying sign of the remnant, according to Adventism, is that they keep all 10 commandments.

They don’t.  Officially, Adventism condones abortion.  That means, officially, Adventism cannot be the true remnant they claim to be.

From their official statement on abortion:

Abortion is one of the tragic dilemmas of human fallenness. The Church should offer gracious support to those who personally face the decision concerning an abortion. Attitudes of condemnation are inappropriate in those who have accepted the gospel. …

The Church does not serve as conscience for individuals; however, it should provide moral guidance. Abortions for reasons of birth control, gender selection, or convenience are not condoned by the Church. … [But they do for other reasons.]

These guidelines were approved and voted by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Executive Committee at the Annual Council session in Silver Spring, Maryland, October 12, 1992.

The Adventist church does not serve as conscience for individuals?

Abortion – no, it does not.
Sabbath – yes, it does.
Gambling – yes, it does.
Alcohol – yes, it does.
Pork – yes, it does.
Jewelry – yes, it does.
Dancing – yes, it does.

I showed here that Adventism is based on misinformation, and that Adventists promote their religion by misrepresenting other Christians – often deliberately telling lies.  I’ve often asked what value a religion would need to tell lies about other Christians in order to promote itself has.  This Adventist says something similar about Adventism and abortion:

I used to give Bible studies to Catholics. I can no longer do that with a straight face. If I did that today, a Catholic would ask: “What is worse, worshipping God on the wrong day of the week or killing innocent human beings for filthy profit?

Adventism is not the true remnant church.  Based on this alone, it cannot be.

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