Did Constantine found the Catholic Church?

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Constantine the Great

Constantine the Great

The short answer, no, but that won’t satisfy Adventists and other anti-Catholics.

Over at Almost Not Catholic, Brent has a good article debunking Adventist claims – Myth Buster: Constantine Founded the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church claims that she was founded by Christ. Some Evangelicals and fundamentalists claim that she was founded by the emperor Constantine (c.272-337).

This myth assumes three things:

1. Christians did not worship on Sunday before Constantine
2. Constantine had a significant sway in the Christian Church
3. The Roman Catholic Church did not exist before Constantine

Go and read it there.

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    • JJ on May 2, 2014 at 11:45 pm

    Constantine who was an ex-pagan and converted to christianity had a great political influence in proclaiming Jesus as God because his empire was becoming divided in their faith and belief of Jesus, and his apostles, who never preached that himself is God nor the word trinity ever existed in the Bible. See the link below,


    1. Another myth about Constantine is that he enforced the Trinity and the divinity of Christ. He wanted the Council to decide and unify Christianity. In the aftermath Arians persecuted Christians – see this article on St Athanasius (currently down – Internet Archive here.)

      That Jesus is God is clear from the Bible. John 1:1 calls him God. In Heb 1:8 the Father says “But unto the Son he saith, Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever: a sceptre of righteousness is the sceptre of thy kingdom.” (KJV) St Thomas said to Jesus, “My Lord and my God.

      The early Christians believed Jesus was God: St Ignatius of Antioch, disciple of the Apostle John, writes:

      You have done well in receiving Philo and Rheus Agathopus as servants of Christ our God …
      The Epistle of Ignatius to the Smyrnaeans, 10

      See more from St Ignatius regarding the divinity of Christ here: Is Christ Jesus God? Answers From Ignatius(ca.30-107 A.D) … by Prayson Daniel

      For the many other biblical proofs that Jesus is God, see:

      Some useful information to know about Iglesia ni Cristo, the people behind the website you linked:

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