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Continuing my posts on young Catholic apologists/evangelists, this is part 3 of 3.  The other two are here and here.

Cathoolic – New Evangelization and Apologetics

About the Rosary

Are Catholics Christian?

Cathoolic is run by Godwin Delali Adadzie from Ghana, and he also runs two (now defunct, 2021) other sites on Catholicism – About the Rosary and Are Catholics Christian?  He’s got a short book on the Rosary – visit his Rosary site to get it for your Kindle / PC / other reader.

Cathoolic seeks to put a stop to the unfortunate “sheep-stealing” of innocent, unsuspecting Catholics by the many wolves in sheep’s clothing out there. Our goal is to spark discussions and engage in spirit-filled arguments in the hope of promoting the New Evangelization and Apologetics. We encourage people to share the arguments and answers found here with their existing groups of friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. So if you’ve got something burning to say about one of the articles you see on Cathoolic, share it on social media and start the conversation there.


Cathoolic – New Evangelization and Apologetics

He’s on Facebook here and Twitter here and YouTube [defunct].

Some of his apologetics articles:

How Would God Create His Mother? [Internet Archive link here]

Relics [dead link – Internet Archive here]

And one of his apologetics videos.  It has an amazing audo track of the Ave Maria, and the only one I’ve found that has the complete wording, all the way to the end.

Why Is Mary Crying? Answering Jack Chick Biblically! [defunct]

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